New Hall Primary School
New Hall Primary School: Love to Learn

In our Roles and Responsibility assembly we announced our Head Boy/Girl and Deputy Head Boy/Girl for 2022/23. We are super proud to announce:

  • Khiarna – Head Girl
  • Albert – Head Boy
  • Jenna – Deputy Head Girl
  • Shevon – Deputy Head Boy

Here are a few comments from our newly appointed Head Girl and Boy…

“Hello, my name is Khiarna. I am Head Girl of New Hall Primary. I went for this role to help individuals. This opportunity is one I will thoroughly enjoy. I hope to help the school reach its best and make pupils more comfortable at school.”

“Hello, my name is Albert and I am Head Boy for New Hall Primary. My role is to show visitors around school, help set up assemblies and much more. I am jovial that I got the role and will help the school as much as I can to perfect this school.”

Our new Head pupils