New Hall Primary School
New Hall Primary School: Love to Learn

Statutory Items

The following links take you to key pages and documents that give you the information that we are required to publish on our school website.

Contact Details

Information on how to contact us, including our address and telephone number, the name of the person who deals with queries from parents or the public and the name of our SENCO, can be found on our Contact Us page.

Admission Arrangements

Information about applying for places at our school can be found in our Admissions Policy on our Policies and Documents page.

School Uniform Policy

Information about our school uniform can be found on our dedicated Uniform page. In addition, our Uniform Policy can be found on our Policies and Documents page.

Ofsted Report

The report from our latest Ofsted inspection can be found on our Ofsted page.

Exam and Assessment Results

Information about how our children perform in statutory assessments can be found on our Test Results page.

Performance Tables

For further information on our school results, you can find a link to the School and College Performance Comparison website on our Test Results page.

School Opening Hours

Our opening and closing times and other information on the structure of our school day can be found in the School Opening Hours section of our Introduction page.


Details of our Curriculum can be found on our Curriculum Intent page, which also includes overviews for the EYFS and for individual subjects. Details of what is being learnt throughout the year in each year group can be found in our Curriculum Overviews.

Information on our Phonics and Reading schemes can be found in the English Statement of Intent.

Remote Education Provision

Details of our remote education provision can be read in our Remote Learning Policy.


Our Behaviour Policy, Charging/Remissions Policy and Complaints Policy can be found with a selection of others most relevant to our parents on our Policies and Documents page.

Pupil Premium

Information about how we use the Pupil Premium money to support eligible children can be found on our Pupil Premium page.

PE and Sports Premium

Information on how we use the additional funding earmarked specifically for PE and sports can be found on our Sports Premium page.

​Public Sector Equality Duty

Our Public Sector Equality Duty and Equality Objectives can be read on our Policies and Documents page.

Special Educational Needs Information

Details on how we support children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) can be found on our SEND Information page.


The members of our Governing Body, plus their committee commitments, business interests and attendance records can be found on our Governors page.

Financial Information

A link to the Schools Financial Benchmarking service for our school can be found on our Policies and Documents page, as can a statement of how many employees earn an annual salary above £100,000.

Values and Ethos

Information on our school values and details of our promotion of British Values, can be read on our Values page.