New Hall Primary School
New Hall Primary School: Love to Learn

Pupil Voice

At New Hall we know how important it is for all pupils to be involved in school life and to be listened to.

To this end we actively encourage participation in a range of additional responsibilities which impact on whole school decisions.

School Council

In September, all Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils take part in a secret ballot at our own polling station in order to elect two representatives per class for the School Council. Once the successful candidates have been announced, they are very busy for the rest of the year!

What the role of a school councillor involves:

  • Taking great pride in working together to make school an even better place.
  • Wear school councillor badges so everyone knows who they need to talk about making changes.
  • Meet at least once a fortnight to discuss topics that will help develop our school and the wider community.
  • Listen carefully to our peers and record their opinions in our school council books to share at the next meeting.
  • Share all our decisions with our teachers and classmates.
  • Try to be excellent role models for the other children.

What do you like about being a councillor?

  • “We have important meetings and make lots of decisions about our school. For example, we decided on the new school rules!”
  • “We get to meet children from other school councils too.”
  • “We love organising and hosting our annual New Hall’s Got Talent contest.”

School Council Members 2023/24

  • Arnav –  (Year 6)
  • Laila – (Year 6)
  • Nicholas – (Year 5)
  • Frank – (Year 5)
  • Dexter – (Year 4)
  • Chukwuemerie – (Year 3)
  • Phoebe – (Year 2)
  • Georgie –  (Year 2)
  • Amelia – (Year 1)
  • Amaya – (Year 1)
A School Council meeting

The School Council at one of their meetings.

Head Boy and Girl

In 2023/24 our Head Boy is Finley and Head Girl is Freya. Our deputies are Zach and May.

“Hello, my name is Freya. I’m happy to say that I am Head Girl of New Hall. My role is to help in assemblies and write some notes in the school council meetings from Miss Dudley to Mrs Breedon. I hope to help the school reach its best and make everyone even more happy at school.”

“Hello, my name is Finley. I am Head Boy for New Hall Primary School. I applied for this role to help set up assemblies and help individuals. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity so I will thoroughly enjoy it. I will help make this school the best place ever.” 

Subject Ambassadors

Our Subject Ambassadors will highlight and give support across the school to their peers and visitors. Here are our Subject Ambassadors:


  • Fatimah
  • Nova
  • Aiden
  • Jasper


  • Corey
  • Malyki
  • Ella
  • Emmanuel


  • Ben
  • Tyler
  • Dhiren
  • Franki

Prefects and Peer Mediators

What do you have to do as a Prefect at New Hall?

  • “My job allows me to be involved in important events like decorating the Christmas tree at a local church and selling poppies. The most important part of the role is being a role model to the children at New Hall.”
  • “Being a prefect, I help out in the Den and I set up the games for the children to use. I also like the opportunities to help any children and adults.”

In 2023/24 our Prefects are:

  • Kareamah
  • James
  • Sienna
  • Fatimah
  • Tia
  • Thomas
  • Eleonora


  • Maryam – Head Librarian
  • Emmanuella – Deputy Head Librarian
  • May Y6
  • Fatima Y6
  • Ben Y6
  • Karen Y6
  • Ellie-May Y6
  • Tulula Y6
  • Zara Y6
  • Nova Y6
  • Alaia Y6
  • Noor Y6
  • Evie Y5
  • Manha Y5
  • Diva Y5
  • Eden Y5
  • Kaylah Y5
  • Tamoy Y5
  • Porsha Y5
  • Lola Y5
  • Lola T Y5
  • Lily-Grace Y5
  • Frank Y5
  • Naveah Y5
  • Natasia Y5

IT Support

  • Zaina