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School Newsletters 2020/21

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Newsletter – July 2021

Another academic school year will shortly be ending for our pupils. Of course at this time of year we bid farewell to our year 6 pupils who will be heading off to their secondary schools. As with last year’s leavers we haven’t quite been able to do all of the usual celebrations and goodbyes. However next week we intend to make the most of our fantastic school site to celebrate with them, whilst the rest of the school will be spending time with their new teachers.

Last week we did manage to have two days at Beaudesert with year 6, where they were able to participate in some exciting activities including archery, zip wire, a caving simulator and pedal karts to name but a few. Both Mrs Hemming and I were determined to have a day each with them and were able to enjoy having fun and seeing just what a fantastic year group they are.

We wish you well as you continue your education journey at secondary school.

On Friday of this week reports will be sent electronically to parents along with the name of your child’s teacher for next year. It has struck me once again this year, whilst reading the reports just how amazingly we have continued to have the education of our pupils at the heart of everything we do. They have achieved so much.

Thank you parents, all staff and supporters of New Hall for another year of progress.

In spite of everything that has been out of our control, we have prospered. Well done everyone.

Some more happy news to finish – Miss Lynch is having a baby!

I wish you all a safe, restful and happy summer.

Mrs Hanks

Governor Awards

These pupils were chosen by their teacher to be awarded the Governors award. They are:

Team Carpenter – Laiten
Team Degville – Freddie
Team Rainbird – Zyhlond
Team Durning – Natasia
Team Lynch – Mackenzie
Team White – Connor
Team Edwards – Oluwamayode
Team Dudley – Skye
Team Toomer – Elsie
Team Steadman – Stavros
Team Collis – Oluwaseyi
Team Roberts – Lily-Skye
Team Thomas – Remiah

Well done, you should all be so proud of yourselves. Brilliant examples of working hard, never giving up and always giving your best.

Year 6 Trip to Beaudesert

On Thursday 8th July and Friday 9th July 2021, Year 6 went on their Residential to Beaudesert Outdoor Activity Centre, near Cannock Chase.

We had two days of fun activities which included Pedal Karts, Low Ropes, Monkey Climb Tree, Archery, Caving, Crate Stacking, Kayaking and a Quarry Zip Line. Children had a chance to try something which they had never tried before. Some children faced their fears, especially on the Monkey Tree Climb and the Crate Stacking.

An enjoyable time was had by everyone.

Sports Week

New Hall’s sports day looked slightly different due to the current restrictions.

Over the last week, year groups took part in an inter-year group ‘Sports Day’. Children were able to participate in events such as sprints, relays, egg and spoon race, javelin throwing and tug of war. The children really enjoyed being able to participate against their peers.

Home Talk – P4C at home

Last month we mentioned that in each newsletter you will find a document which will provide an interesting stimulus for the children to discuss with their family and friends at home.

They will discuss these topics at school in an assembly time. This is not extra homework but an opportunity tor philosophical talk outside of school as so many of our children love our P4C lessons. We hope you enjoy it.

Please see the attachment on this email called ‘Home Talk – Difference

Achievement Card Completion

Well done to the following children who completed their achievement card. They have all worked so hard for their bronze/silver/gold achievement certificate in
being a caring individual, collaborative learner, a creative mind and a critical thinker:

Team Carpenter:
Tiana – silver
Abrish – silver
Aziah – silver
Tiana – silver

Team Degvile:
Jaxon – silver

Team Lynch:
Oliver – gold
Harry – silver
Adiyan – silver
Dylan – silver

Team Durning:
Sebastian – gold

Team Edwards:
Benjamin – silver
Thomas – silver
Ella – silver
Eddie – silver
Tajel – silver

Team White:
Emmanuella – bronze
Freya – silver
Joshua – silver
Connor – silver
Lainie-Mai – silver
Bethany – silver
Laila – silver
Sienna – silver
Lok Heun – bronze
Elenora – silver
Ava – silver

Team Dudley:
Tallulah – bronze
Zain – bronze
Tumelo – silver
Layla – silver
Alice – silver

Team Steadman:
Neva – gold

Team Roberts:
Kyra – bronze
Ben – bronze

Reminder – New Charges from September 2021

Please find below the list of increases from September 2021:

Breakfast Club

Wrap Around
£6.50 – 3.00pm-4.15pm
£8.75 – 3.00pm-5.15pm
£9.75 – 3.00pm-6.00pm

School Meals
£2.50 a day £12.50 a week

Star Burst

Team Carpenter
24th June – Laiten
1st July – Talia
8th July – Sophie

Team Degville
24th June – Freddie
1st July – Jaxon
8th July – Feryal

Team Rainbird
24th June – Elise
1st July – Ali
8th July – Zuzanna

Team Durning
24th June – Amira
1st July – Jack
8th July – NA

Team Lynch
24th June – Becca
1st July – Lola
8th July – NA

Team White
24th June – Fatimah
1st July – Zachariah
8th July – Finley

Team Edwards
24th June – James
1st July – Tyler
8th July – Maryam

Team Dudley
24th June – NA
1st July – NA
8th July – Tumelo

Team Toomer
24th June – NA
1st July – NA
8th July – Beau

Team Steadman
24th June – Neon
1st July – William
8th July – Callum

Team Collis
24th June – Melinda
1st July NA
8th July NA

Team Roberts
24th June – Mayla
1st July – Maryan
8th July – Lacey Ann
15th July – Evelyn

Team Thomas
24th June – NA
1st July – NA
8th July – Mollie

Diary and Term Dates

See our Diary Dates page.