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School Meals

In line with our Healthy School status, we encourage children to drink plenty of water and encourage the eating of fruit at breaktimes.

All children are encouraged to bring their own bottle of water into school daily. Reception children receive a piece of fresh fruit and milk each day. Key Stage 1 receive a piece of fruit but if they would like some milk this will need to be purchased via School Money. Key Stage 2 can bring their own healthy snack into school for their morning break.

We are a nut free school so under no circumstances can nuts or anything containing nuts or food that has been cooked in a nut oil be brought into school.

Please also note that sweets are not allowed in school unless agreed with teacher for a special occasion. Fizzy drinks and gum are never permitted as we are a Healthy School.

All children bringing sandwiches from home are allowed free access to the salad bar.

If your child is entitled to Free School Meals then please enquire at the school office so that they can provide up to date and relevant paperwork to be completed. If your child is entitled to Free School Meals but would prefer sandwiches rather than a hot meal then this can easily be arranged.

We encourage children bringing sandwiches to have a ‘healthy lunchbox’. For ideas for a healthy lunchbox please see Change4Life or Netmums websites.

Mrs Galbraith and her team work extremely hard to ensure that we all enjoy balanced meals with healthy options.

Don’t forget… Fridays are Fish and Chips Day!

Healthy School Award

Our school dinner menu follows a three-week cycle. You can read the current menu below:

Salad selection is available daily as an alternative to vegetables. Fresh drinking water and a selection of bread are both available daily.