These are some genuine comments from parents that we would like to share with you.

Year 5 Maths Inspired SATs Treasure Hunt - 27 June 2017

  • "It was fun for both children and parents, but was learning at the same time."
  • "...very motivating to see the kids excited while learning."
  • "It got the children outdoors and thinking about sums and logic."
  • "It was great fun to work as a team and enjoy maths puzzles together."
  • "It was fun and a very creative way to learn maths."

P4C (Philosphy for Children) Event - 7 June 2017

  • "...session was very inspiring."
  • "A beneficial thing for children and their education."
  • "...helps develop their critical thinking."

Parent Lunches - May 2017

  • "...impressed with quality and variety."
  • "...lots of healthy options available."
  • "...lovely that grandparents are include in school activities."
  • "I was very impressed. Great choice of food. Kitchen was lovely, clean and bright."

WOW Comments from Reception Parents - November 2016

  • "...really improving in his writing."
  • "Thank you teachers, for making each day entertaining and creative."
  • "He told me two letters in one sound make a digraph."
  • "It’s lovely when we read together and she recognises words."