Meet the friendly staff at our school. These lovely pictures were drawn by some of our pupils. If you'd like to see what the staff really look like - just hover over the pictures with your mouse!

Mrs Hanks
by Haydn

Mrs Hemming
by Yusra

Ms Jurzcak
by Hannah

Mrs Card
by Charlotte

Mrs Wilks
by Matthew

Mrs Carpenter
by Tanya

Miss Galbraith
by Isobelle

Miss Robinson
by Milda

Mrs Degville
by Jahnia

Miss Edwards
by Yusra

Miss Lynch
by Evie

Miss Rainbird
by Issabelle

Miss Wood
by Samantha

Miss Apps
by Issabelle

Miss Butler
by Poppy

Mrs Jordan
by Caitlin

Mr Collis
by Rhianna

Miss Dudley
by Lillie

Miss Durning
by Chloe

Miss Roberts
by Kaci

Miss Scrivens
by Connie

Miss Steadman
by Eva

Mrs Thomas
by Yusra

Mrs Toomer
by Liam

Miss White
by Maryam

Mrs D Spencer
by Kaci

Miss Trueman
by Caitlin

Mrs West
by Charlotte

Mrs Bell
by Tyler

Mrs Coughlan
by Caitlin

Mrs Singleton
by Jade

Miss Ward
by Tia

Mrs Cornhill
by Savannah

Mrs M Smith
by Michelle

Mrs E McKeown
by Tomas

Mr L Smith
by Ben

Mr Ashton
by Nadine

Staff List

Name Title/Responsibility
Mrs B Hanks Headteacher
Mrs K Hemming Deputy Headteacher
Ms S Jurzcak Assistant Headteacher, Teacher KS2
Mrs L Card Pastoral Manager
Mrs B Wilks Teacher/SENCO
Mrs K Carpenter Teacher EYFS
Miss L Galbraith Teaching Assistant EYFS
Miss F Robinson Teaching Assistant EYFS, Playworker
Miss A Degville Teacher KS1
Miss S Edwards Teacher KS1
Miss H Lynch Teacher KS1
Miss J Rainbird Teacher KS1
Miss H Wood Teacher KS1
Miss L Apps Teaching Assistant KS1
Miss A Butler Teaching Assistant KS1
Mrs R Jordan Teaching Assistant KS1
Mr J Collis Teacher KS2
Miss E Dudley Teacher KS2
Miss N Durning Teacher KS2
Miss A Roberts Teacher KS2
Miss L Scrivens Teacher KS2
Miss C Steadman Teacher KS2
Mrs D Thomas Teacher KS2
Mrs A Toomer Teacher KS2
Miss C White Teacher KS2
Mrs D Spencer Teaching Assistant KS2, Play Co-ordinator
Miss G Trueman Teaching Assistant KS2
Mrs T West Teaching Assistant KS2, Play Co-ordinator
Mrs L Bell Teacher EYFS/KS1/KS2
Mrs R Coughlan Teacher EYFS/KS1/KS2
Mrs S Lucas Breakfast Club/Wrap Around/Holiday Play-Scheme Manager
Mrs A Selmes Playworker
Mrs A Singleton Administrator
Miss E Ward Administrator
Mrs J Cornhill School Business Manager
Mrs M Smith Clerical Assistant
Mrs E McKeown Raising Achievement Assistant
Mr L Smith Building Services Manager
Mr D Ashton Assistant Building Services Supervisor
Miss L Galbraith Building Services Staff
Mr P Cown IT Technician
Mr P Howes IT Technician
Mrs D Spencer Senior Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms M Carr Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss L Galbraith Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs I Holmes Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs L Horton Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss R Jordan Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss S Peers Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms G Pierce Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs S Reid Lunchtime Supervisor, Cleaner
Mrs L Galbraith Catering Supervisor
Miss M Poole General Kitchen Assistant
Miss L Tacagni General Kitchen Assistant
Mrs H Cotton Swimming Instructor