Snippets of News

School Games Award 2019/20

30 June 2020

New Hall have been awarded the School Games award for participating in inter school games for this academic year.

Between September and March, New Hall children from all year groups represented the school in events including gymnastics, multiskills, handball and basketball.

We have competed especially well this year with the children achieving medals in handball, gymnastics and also receiving multiple medals in the multiskills events. Well done, New Hall!

Gold Philosophy for Children Award

1 July 2019

Receiving our gold philosophy award.

We are very proud to have achieved the Gold Philosophy for Children award in July 2019, the first school in the West Midlands to do so and one of only a handful of schools in the country.

P4C has been a key driver in improving language and questioning skills, behaviour and relationships and confidence and independence in our pupils.

Our new school values Caring individuals, Collaborative learners, Creative minds and Critical thinkers sum up the P4C approach.

Miss Steadman (the lead teacher for P4C in school) says "P4C has transformed the ethos in my classroom and around the school. The children are more thoughtful, caring and considerate of other people’s beliefs and ideas and can discuss disagreements more maturely and tactfully. I believe every school should try P4C, it is well worth the investment."

Team Palmer Trip to the Gurdwara

17 May 2019

The Guru Nanak Gurdwara.

For this year's RE trip, Year 4 visited the Guru Nanak Gurdwara in Smethwick - the largest Gurdwara in Europe

We were given a tour of the building and learnt lots about Sikhism from our guide. We were allowed into the main hall to watch a service taking place, got to ask lots of questions and we were made to feel incredibly welcome.

The best bit was tasting the chapati, dal (pulses) and rice pudding in the Langar!

Artist Sally Harper Kenn

11 January 2019

Some of our colourful artwork.

This week is Arts Week at New Hall. We have combined our Art learning with SMSC and are exploring the UN Conventions of the rights of the child.

A selection of children from each year group has worked alongside artist, Sally Harper-Kenn to create several pieces of felting art work. The children sketched their designs first in their sketch books and then twisted the natural wool into shapes/words and pictures.

At the end of the week we hope to have some lovely pieces of art work that reflect the children at our school and our four School Values: Honesty, Wonder, Friendship and acceptance.

The Tiger Who Came to Tea

9 January 2019

The Tiger Who Came to Tea.

On Wednesday 9th January 2019 Reception visited the Town Hall, Birmingham to watch The Tiger Who Came To Tea.

The children really enjoyed the play, especially when the tiger entered!

As a special treat the children from New Hall Primary, got to meet the cast and have their photo taken with them.

Reception's Trip to Conkers

3 December 2018

Enjoying the visit to Conkers.

Reception children enjoyed their trip to Conkers.

They watched a Christmas film in the 4D cinema and then enjoyed a train ride before decorating a Robin Redbreast and listening to a story. They then went on a beautiful walk through the woods to find Father Christmas and his reindeers.

The children delivered their letters and told Father Christmas what presents they would like. He told them he would speak to his elves and see what they could do!

All of the children behaved beautifully and the Reception staff were very proud of them. Well Done Reception!

Children in Need

16 November 2018

Look at our Pudsey cookies!

We would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to everyone who supported our fundraising efforts this year by taking part in our ‘Spotacular’ non-uniform day on Friday 16th November and buying our special Pudsey Bear cookies. We managed to raise a grand total of £530.40 for Children in Need.

Special thanks must be given to Mrs Galbraith for making our special cookies, which helped raise £185 of our final total.

Year 6 Trip to the National Memorial Arboretum

18 and 19 October 2018

One of the memorials at the Arboretum.

On Thursday 18th and Friday 19th October Team Thomas and Team Roberts went on a trip to The National Memorial Arboretum at Alrewas in Staffordshire, as part of their research into their theme on World War 1. The trip proved to be a very special and moving experience for all.

While we did not have time to explore all of the 330 memorials spread over the beautifully landscaped 150 acres at the Arboretum, those that we did investigate really made us realise the amount of sacrifice and duty, people from all over the world, had given to ensure that we enjoy the freedoms that we have today.

It was truly humbling and all the more significant as it is the centenary of the end of World War 1.

Thank you to those parents and Mr Smith, who accompanied us on both days, for giving up their time and sharing this valuable experience with us. We are sure it will stay in our memories for a long time.

Year 3 at the Botanical Gardens

10 October 2018

Meeting the creatures at the Botanical Gardens.

On Wednesday 10th October, Year 3 visited the Botanical Gardens in Birmingham. In our Science lessons, we have been learning about the plants and what they need to grow.

During our trip, children revised these topics and learnt about how a seed is produced and how they are transported to new areas. We also enjoyed the opportunity to meet a few of the Botanical Gardens’ friendly critters. This included a bearded dragon, stick insects, a snake and millipedes.

After a lovely picnic lunch outside in the sunshine, we practiced our art skills with some sketching of our beautiful surroundings and visited the aviary to see some spectacular birds.

Year 5 Meet Author Piers Torday at Sutton Library

12 September 2018

Author Piers Torday.

On Wednesday 12th September, Year 5 visited Sutton Library to meet a famous author. His name was Piers Torday.

During their visit, the children learned all about his life and about how and why he became an author.

The children were absolutely thrilled looking at his old photographs and snippets from his previous books ‘The Dark Wild’ and ‘The Wild Beyond’.

As the children behaved so well, Piers Torday gave each of them a very special gift to thank them - a personalised, signed copy of his new book ‘The Lost Magician’. Children were also given the opportunity to make their own bookmarks using a variety of arts and craft materials.

They had a wonderful time at the library and even had time to explore the extensive non-fiction range of books that the library has to offer. The children cant wait to sign up and visit again!

Forest School This Year

20 July 2018

Enjoying Forest School.

This year both Reception and Year 1 children have enjoyed Forest School sessions. The children have experienced the changing seasons and weather, explored many aspects of nature, used tools and developed their creativity.

Other year groups have also used the site for various Science, Theme and Art activities.

Children across all year groups have taken responsibility for watering our blossoming garden area.

We would like to thank the PTFA for providing the herbs and fruits and hope we can add some more to it next year.

European Athletics Champion Visits New Hall

4 July 2018

James Dasaolu speaking to the children.

On Wednesday 4th July, European Athletics Champion James Dasaolu visited New Hall. James is the second fastest Briton of all time after running a 100m time of 9.91 seconds in the British Championships and he recently won gold at the European Championships in Amsterdam.

Each year group from Years 1 to 5 participated in a fitness circuit, learnt about resilience and working hard to achieve their goals and had the chance to ask James their burning questions.

Look out for James at the Olympics in 2020!

Grandparents Reading Café

26 June 2018

Children happily reading with their grandparents.

KS1 children had a delightful afternoon sharing their favourite books with their grandparents on Tuesday 26th June.

The children enjoyed selecting big books, dual language books, topic books and many more to impress their family with their fantastic reading skills. Children were even teaching their grandparents how to use phonics to help them with tricky words!

Thank you Mrs Galbraith for our cakes and biscuits and thank you very much to all those who were able to spend their sunny afternoon with us. We look forward to seeing you again.

Year 3 visit RAF Cosford

20 April 2018

Year 3 at RAF Cosford.

On Friday 20th April, Year 3 went to the RAF museum in Cosford. As our theme was based on ‘Transport’, we participated in a variety of activities that included viewing different types of transport, gathering information about transport and a transport simulator.

We used our geography and map knowledge to identify where we could travel to and learnt about the importance of the processes we take when travelling abroad.

The aeroplanes that we saw were incredible and the children were speechless. Some of the children were really interested in the knowledge they could gain, especially when it linked to the size and speed of the aircrafts.

We all had an amazing time and our trip helped some children understand more about the theme, after seeing transport up close.

We would like to thank Miss Ward for accompanying us on our trip and hope you had a day to remember.

A child said, “I think the trip was great, it was really fun because I learnt a lot of facts and a lot more about aeroplanes!”

Another child said, “I thought it was really good because we got to see big aeroplanes and we saw how big they are close up."

Nursery's trip to Ash End Farm

18 April 2018

Children meeting the ducklings.

On Wednesday 18th April Nursery went on a trip to Ash End Farm. We were blessed with both fabulous weather and the support of our wonderful parents and grandparents.

During our visit we held new-born chicks and took the opportunity to find an egg from inside the nesting box to take home with us. Next, we visited the pigs and horses before going to the barn to feed the lambs with a bottle of milk. The goats were fed and we enjoyed stroking a kid too. After a quick look at the guinea-pigs and rabbits we finished off our guided tour by feeding the ducks. What a busy morning!

After a picnic lunch in the Scarecrow barn we rounded off our visit by playing outside and exploring the swings, slide and the tractor in glorious sunshine. Finally, Mr Lee and Mr Dave made sure we all got back to Nursery safely on the minibuses. The trip was an inspirational experience for our children. They demonstrated genuine enthusiasm to talk about the trip afterwards and consequently produced some super work relating to their experiences.

Many thanks to everyone who helped make the trip a success.

Year 4 at Lichfield Guildhall

26 and 27 March 2018

We didn't want to try out the stocks!

On Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th March, Year 4 went on a Geography and History field trip to Lichfield.

We used our map skills to follow a route around Lichfield Town centre and locate key buildings and land marks. The amount of history that surrounded us was amazing to see. We looked up and noticed the Medieval, Tudor, Georgian and Victorian buildings scattered amongst the modern. All revealing Lichfield’s past.

In the bowels of Lichfield Guildhall, we discovered the Gaol that has been there for nearly 500 years! We could well imagine the frightened souls who were held there and then dragged the short distance to the Market Place to be publically humiliated in the Stocks or by the Scold’s Bridle, or worse...

We had a really interesting time. Our field trip really brought to life our learning in a practical and real way.

Thank you to Mr Lee for driving the minibus and to Anne, who was our volunteer guide at the Guildhall.

Space Camp

9 November 2017

Enjoying our space camp sleep-in.

On Thursday the 9th November Team Steadman experienced Space Camp!

The children arrived back at school at 6pm armed with their sleeping bags and packed suitcases. After making their beds and unpacking their things three activities took place on a rota system in small groups. The activities were: Learning about the Solar System and Constellations, Training like an Astronaut and making model planets from Mod Roc.

After that, we put on our coats and did some star gazing using the telescope and iPad App 'Starwalker'.

After all the excitement, we had hot chocolate with marshmallows and toast before getting ready for bed and watching a space film.

It was a memorable experience for Year 5 and they learnt many key scientific and life skills.

Reception's Trip to Birches Valley

18 October 2017

Building shelters for our teddy bears.

We went to Birches Valley, Cannock Chase with our teddy bears, for a Teddy Bears Picnic.

We went on an autumnal walk to hunt for the signs of Autumn and collect food for our bears to eat: they love leaves, acorns, and twigs. Then we worked in groups to build them a shelter to have their party in, and also made them party crowns to wear.

Miss Degville and Mrs Carpenter were very proud of all of the children on their first trip in Reception. Well done Reception!

Year 1 trip to Sheldon Park

17 July 2017

The Year 1 team at Sheldon Country Park.

On Monday 17th July, Year 1 visited Sheldon Country Park. This trip was linked to our theme topic of 'Flight' and at the viewing area in the park children could get close to the runway.

As the children were so close to the airport they enjoyed watching the aeroplanes land and take off. This allowed them to create detailed drawings in their Art sketchbooks as the planes flew over their heads.

Sports Day

13 July 2017

One of the races on Sports Day.

On Thursday 13th July, the rain held off all day and the whole school got to enjoy Sports Day.

All pupils competed in track and field events to score points for their house. Well done to everyone who took part!

Thank you to parents for coming to watch - your children really appreciate you being at school events. A special well done to the brave adults who took part in the parent races!

One last huge thank you to the Year 6 boys who organised the day - you all did a fantastic job at leading your houses and sports day wouldn't have happened without you. Now for the results

Key Stage 1

  • 4th place: Longmoor
  • 3rd place: Bracebridge
  • 2nd place: Longmoor
  • 1st place: Wyndley

Key Stage 2

  • 4th place: Wyndley
  • 3rd place: Longmoor
  • 2nd place: Bracebridge
  • 1st place: Longmoor

Year 6 Visit Shree Ram Mandir

7 and 14 July 2017

Inside the Shree Ram Mandir.

On Friday 7th and 14th July, Team Thomas and Team Palmer have both visited the Shree Ram Mandir - a Hindu temple in Birmingham.

The children had the opportunity to see the statues and symbols they have been learning about and listen to stories and facts from the priest.

Well done children for coming up with such interesting questions and thank you to Daniel for sharing his knowledge of Hinduism - we learnt a lot from you!

Year 4 Trip to Guru Nanak Gurdwara

18 and 19 May 2017

At the Guru Nanak Gurdwara.

As part of our RE Curriculum, Year 4’s Multi-Faith educational visit this year was to the Guru Nanak Gurdwara in Smethwick.

On Thursday 18th May Team Spencer and Friday 19th May Team Davis had guided tours of this truly beautiful, breath-taking building – the largest Gurdwara in Europe.

Our guide, Sarpeet, took us all around the Gurdwara building, clearly explaining key aspects of the Sikh religion and explaining the rituals they follow to show respect towards the Guru Granth Sahib.

The children really enjoyed trying the vegetarian handmade food and experiencing Sikh prayers in the main hall which helped them to understand the significance for the worshippers who attend there.

Exploring this fascinating building really helped deepen our understanding of this interesting faith, helped us to understand the lengths Sikhs go to help people of all faiths and religions and gave us all lasting memories.

Thank you Sarpeet for being such an informative and generous guide, and to the Guru Nanak Gurdwara for making all of Year 4 feel so welcome.

Year 5 Visit Birmingham's Central Mosque

3 and 4 May 2017

Inside the Central Mosque.

As part of our RE Curriculum, Year 5’s Multi-Faith educational visit this year was to the Birmingham Central Mosque.

On Wednesday 3rd May Team Roberts and then on Thursday 4th May Team Steadman had guided tours of this impressive building – the largest mosque in the UK.

Our guide, Hateeb, took us all around the mosque building, clearly explaining what each area was for and its significance for the worshippers who attend there.

Experiencing this fascinating building really helped deepen our understanding of this interesting faith and gave us all lasting memories.

Year 1's trip to Twycross Zoo

14 March 2017

Enjoying the penguin antics at Twycross Zoo.

On Tuesday the 14th of March Year 1 visited Twycross Zoo.

The children were very excited to visit the penguins they have been learning about for their Poles Apart theme topic.

First stop were the elephants and the giraffes. The children enjoyed sketching both the animals whilst they listened to the zookeepers facts.

The main event of the day was the penguin parade in which the children got very close to some hungry penguins at feeding time. The children impressed the zookeeper with their expert penguin knowledge.

National Waste Week

6 to 10 March 2017

Litter picking during National Waste Week.

On Friday 10th March, as part of National Waste Week, our School Council hosted for the very first time ‘The Green Fashion Show’, which was an opportunity for any creative pupils to showcase their up-cycled outfits made from junk and recycling.

The imagination shown by everyone who took part was quite stunning, and a fun morning was passed with much strutting of outfits on the catwalk!

The School Councillors picked the four winners, one from each phase:

  • EYFS: Casey
  • KS1: Lillie
  • Lower KS2: Kiaha
  • Upper KS2: Daniel

Furthermore, they decided that all the entrants from Year 4 deserved a runner’s up prize as they were a particularly creative Year group.

The School Councillors also took part in a Tri-School Council Litter Pick with Hollyfield and Whitehouse Common Schools, at Rectory Park. It proved a great success and the Councils would like to try to combine every Term to do a litter pick for our local community.

Year 5 Science of Sound Workshop

5 February 2017

Watching the Science of Sound show at Symphony Hall.

On Tuesday 5th February Year 5 took the bus and went into Birmingham to visit the Symphony Hall. Whilst they were there they took part in the interactive stage show ‘The Science of Sound’.

Children learnt how sound travels and can be changed, they were shown how to make unusual instruments at home and learnt all about the fantastic organ with 6,000 pipes!

Both children and staff enjoyed the visit and learnt many interesting things about sound.

Christmas Jumper Day

16 December 2016

Staff in their Christmas jumpers.

Thank you to you all for your generous donations on Christmas Jumper Day.

We all had lots of fun wearing our special outfits and we raised an amazing £184.92, which will help support children all over the world.

Bostin Brass Band

6 December 2016

Members of the brass band playing in the classroom.

On Tuesday 6th December we had a surprise visit from Bostin Brass Band.

They surprised us by performing flash mob style! They played their instruments down the corridors and in each classroom.

The children enjoyed the loud music throughout the afternoon. The band then finished off with an exciting assembly telling us about all of the free activities they offer for the Falcon lodge community.

Year 3/4 trip to the Botanical Gardens

5 December 2016

Exploring the botanical gardens.

On Monday 5th December, children in years 3 and 4 visited the Botanical Gardens for our trip linked to our science topic ‘How Does Your Garden Grow?’

We participated in a workshop where we dressed up as insects and flowers, consolidated our learning about the different parts of a plant and learned some new tricks for remembering which parts were male and female.

During our tour, we entered the magical lantern trail, spent some time in the glass houses, completed the nature walk, and even had time to use their play area. We found lots of rare plants, and identified plants that we had heard of but not seen before, such as Venus Fly Traps and the Theobroma Cacao which produces cocoa beans.

Everybody that went had a fabulous time.

Year 5 Invade Dudley

22 November 2016

Dressing as Anglo-Saxons.

On Tuesday 22nd November Year 5 travelled to the heart of the Black Country to Dudley Museum and Art Gallery. Here we explored the legacy of Anglo-Saxon Britain and how it has influenced our lives today.

Through role play and handling of artefacts, we discovered that far from the vicious Barbarians commonly portrayed in films and TV, the Vikings and Saxons were a cultured and civilised people.

We thoroughly enjoyed our experience which will inform our future lessons across the curriculum on Invaders.

Children in Need

18 November 2016

Some of our fundraisers for Pudsey Bear.

We would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to everyone who supported us in raising a generous total of £426.59 for Children in Need.

Once again our super head cook, Mrs Galbraith, made over 700 Pudsey cookies, raising £140.75 through sales and the other £285.84 was generated through wearing non-school uniform.

Your kindness will help to make a difference to children’s lives. Thank you.

A Visit to Guru Nanak Gurdwara

13 June 2016

Learning about the Sikh faith.

On Monday 13th June, Year 6 visited the Guru Nanak Durwara in Smethwick.

Children received a tour of the Gurdwara and enjoyed a traditional Sikh meal.

All children were extremely respectful and learned a lot about the Sikh religion. The welcome we received from the Sikh community was extremely friendly.

What a wonderful experience!

KS1 Visit Rectory Park

8 June 2016

Enjoying the sunshine at Rectory Park.

On Wednesday 8th June Key Stage 1 went on a trip to Rectory Park. The morning out of school was to support our geography learning, where we were focussing on the story The Gruffalo.

Whilst at the park we made sculptures, identified leaves, completed a colour matching activity, measured trees, sketched the surroundings and collected natural items from around the wooded area.

We compared the park environment to our school grounds looking at similarities and differences.

Everyone enjoyed the full range of activities, which was made even better by the sunny weather.

Topsy Turvy Non-Uniform Day

27 May 2016

Supporting the NSPCC on our non-uniform day.

On 27th May the School Council were pleased to inform you that we raised £207.07 for the NSPCC as a result of our Topsy-Turvy Uniform Day.

Once more, New Hall staff and pupils gave enthusiastic support and dressed impressively for the occasion.

Your kindness will help to make a difference to children’s lives, here in the UK. Thank you.

KS1 Trip to St Martin's Church

26 May 2016

Learning about St Martin's Church.

On Thursday 26th of May Key Stage 1 visited St Martin’s church in Birmingham city centre.

The children were filled with information about the church from the reverend’s guided tour.

Whilst exploring, the children were excited to find all of the key features of a Christian place of worship.

The children even experienced a moment of reflection and calm within the beautiful surroundings.

Space Camp

5 May 2016

Studying the skies.

On Thursday 5th May, Team Palmer experienced New Hall's first ever Space Camp.

The Year 5 children returned to school in the evening and took part in science-based activities before camping in tents overnight.

The children made space-themed pixelated pictures from mosaic squares, investigated how light travels with mirrors and lasers, studied the night sky with the aid of a telescope, binoculars and the Star Walk app and finally watched the film Space Chimps before a very late bedtime.

On Friday 6th we completed the experience with a session inside a planetarium which was also visited by Key Stage 1 and Team Roberts. The children had a fantastic time! Thank you to all staff involved to make this experience possible.

Polar Experience

15 March 2016

Meeting the penguins.

On Tuesday 15th of March, Key Stage 1 ventured off on a polar adventure to Twycross Zoo. Finally, it was time to meet the penguins that we have been learning about in class!

The children had the rare opportunity to get up close and personal with two little penguins in the penguin parade, in which the children could see penguins enjoying their catch of the day.

The day was finished off with a visit to animals from slightly warmer continents with the children particularly enjoying the monkeys, elephants and giraffes.

Ash End Farm Trip

7 March 2016

Meeting the animals at the farm.

On Monday 7th March Nursery and Reception went to Ash End Farm.

We started the day by meeting an owl called Icky, and some of us got a chance to have him fly onto our arm.

We then went and met lots of the different farm animals and learnt about the mommies and their babies. We met baby chicks and ducklings, a baby lamb, some baby kids, a foal calf and lots of piglets.

We then fed the different animals and got to stroke or hold them too.

Farm to Fork Trip

7 March 2016

Learning about food at Tesco.

On Monday 7th March, Mrs Toomer took some lucky Year 3/4 children to Tesco on a Farm to Fork trail.

During their visit, the children learned where their food comes from by exploring the fruit and vegetable aisle, the bakery, counters and chilled, as well as tasting some exciting new food.

We were able to touch, smell and taste different types of fruit and vegetables as well as learning about how and where they grow. They went behind the scenes and met the baker to learn all about how bread is made, as well as visiting the cheese counter to taste cheese they may not have tried before. We also had a close encounter with fresh fish.

The children and Mrs Toomer really enjoyed their visit.

World Maths Day

2 March 2016

Enjoying World Maths Day.

On Wednesday 2nd March, New Hall took part in World Maths Day.

Children enjoyed linking Maths with their Topic work. Nursery and Reception did problem solving games, Years 1 and 2 played penguin games, Years 3 and 4 solved challenging Chinese puzzles and Years 5 and 6 made clay models for their Greece topic.

Whitemoor Lakes Residential

24 February 2016

The gang at Whitemoor Lakes.

On Wednesday 24th February Year 6 enjoyed a two-night residential trip to Whitemoor Lakes.

The children took part in many activities including: abseiling, high ropes, zip wire, fencing, archery and problem solving.

The children’s team work, effort and perseverance was clear for all to see. Mr Hall and Mrs Lucas were proud of every child. Well done.

Safer Internet Day

9 February 2016

Safer Internet Day performance.

On Tuesday 9th February, New Hall joined the rest of the world in celebrating Safer Internet Day.

Key Stage 1 and 2 were both visited by Effectus Theatre Company and saw a performance of 'Don't pack up your troubles', a story covering themes including making new ‘cyber’ friends, checking security settings, keeping private details safe, usernames and passwords and most importantly, who to talk to when you're not sure. The children enjoyed clapping along with the songs, especially the SPIES rap.

Please see photos on our Twitter feed.

Chinese New Year Workshop

5 February 2016

Chinese New Year Workshop.

On Friday 5th February 2016 Years 3 and 4 enjoyed a spectacular Chinese day in order to celebrate Chinese New Year.

The children celebrated by wearing red - a lucky colour. We made Chinese lanterns, Chinese dragon puppets and we worked with the Education Group to learn a Chinese dance that we performed for the whole school.

The children ensured a happy start to the year of the monkey.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the special celebrations and showed great enthusiasm and behaviour throughout the day.

Gymnastics Competition

3 February 2016

Our talented gymnastics.

On Wednesday 3rd February, New Hall Primary entered a gymnastics competition at GMAC in Perry Barr for the very first time.

The ten pupils travelled to the venue on our new school minibus and competed in both disciplines of floor and vault. Both the Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 team performed to the best of their ability and Year 5/6 came away with silver medals for their floor routine.

An extra congratulations to Sienna in Year 6 for her individual silver medal.

Year 1 at Forest School

5 January 2016

Year 1 at Forest School.

Forest School is an exciting experience that all Year 1 children get to participate in.

The children interact with their environment exploring the nature and wildlife on site, they use tools to make things, learn new skills and there is a strong emphasis on raising self-esteem and independence.

The children have great fun and enjoy showing their parents around when they come to visit our sessions.

Year 5's Trip to the Theatre

10 December 2015

The Old Rep Theatre.

On Thursday 10th December, Year 5 visited The Old Rep Theatre to watch the swashbuckling adventure, Treasure Island.

We joined two cabin boys called Jesse and Jim on their travels to a desert island aboard the Hispaniola. The children thoroughly enjoyed the show, especially when joining in with the secret handshake, booing Long John Silver and singing along with the Mermaid Princess.

As an added bonus, we got to visit the brand new Grand Central station to eat our lunch and gaze in wonder at the new roof.

Thank you so much to parents for getting year five to school a little earlier than usual so that we could make it in to Birmingham on time.

A Trip to the Thinktank

9 December 2015

On Wednesday 9th December Year 3/4 went on a trip to Birmingham Thinktank to discover the wonder of space. Whilst there, children enrolled in astronaut academy and learned all about survival on other planets.

We also had time to explore the science garden and other areas of the museum where we saw some very exciting things. Our most favourite part was visiting the planetarium where we learned about the constellations in our night sky, and that we truly are a small planet in a colossal universe.

A great time was had by all.

Anti-Bullying Week

16 to 20 November 2015

Make a noise about bullying. It’s time to say no!

National Anti-Bullying Week, has seen all pupils joining together to take a stand against bullying. We look forward to seeing you dressed in blue on Friday to show how people feel ‘blue’ when they are being bullied. Look on Twitter to see how we united against bullying #AntiBullyingWeek.

KS1's Trip to the Past

6 November 2015

Year 1 and 2 were transported back to the Victorian era at the Black Country Living Museum as part of their Victorian school days project.

KS1 experienced a day in the life of a Victorian child during a lesson at St James Primary School with the strict headmaster, yes sir! The children found themselves writing on slate boards, reciting the alphabet backwards, practising their manners and were even lucky enough to see Miss Gilbert and Mrs Davies punished with the cain. The children also had the opportunity to see how the Victorians lived and worked visiting shops, factories and cottages throughout the day.

The visit was rounded off with a trip to the cinema to watch a silent movie and a ride on the tram – a fantastic day had by all.

Mad Science Assembly

4 November 2015

Mad Science Assembly.

Atomic Abbie wowed the school with her Mad Science assembly last week!

We all became scientists as we predicted how high the cork would blast off the test tube. Everyone’s excited faces lit up when we investigated the how paper burns differently when dipped in chemicals; no smoke or ash!

Mad Science are offering an after-school science club with heaps of resources to take home. KS1 and KS2 return your slip and payment to secure your spot in this inspirational club.

New Hall Achieves Another Award

October 2015

Displaying our new award certificate.

We are delighted to announce that we are the first school in Birmingham to gain a ‘Silver’ in our School Mark Excellence in Sustainable Travel.

This is partly to do with how many children use their bikes and scooters to come to school, but also many other initiatives that we have taken part in, including Balanceability and Medals for Pedals.

Well done everyone and thank you Mrs Stevenson.

Changing Room Refurbishment

July/August 2015

Our new changing room.

We have been successful in gaining a grant from Sutton Municipal Charity, which has helped us have the changing rooms in the swimming pool refurbished.

All of the children will benefit from this, as they all going swimming each year.

Outdoor Gym

July/August 2015

Our new Outdoor Gym.

We have been able to have a new outdoor gym fitted in the Key Stage 2 playground. It has been fantastic to see the children enjoying using it so much.

We have also had six swings fitted alongside this.

Children in Key Stage 2 have a set day when they are allowed on this equipment to make it fair for everybody.

Shelter Building

7 to 8 July 2015

Shelter building in Sutton Park.

On the 7th and 8th of July, Team Palmer on Tuesday and Team Hall on Wednesday, bused to Sutton Park to take part in a Shelter Building experience.

We found out from the Rangers, that Sutton Park has been a grazed landscape for around 1500 years! We thought about what were the considerations for new settlers building up small communities then the Rangers taught us some simple shelter building techniques that would have been used by early settlers. We tried out our new skills on small scale constructions and then on a couple of shelters that would be big enough for us!

A fun but educational time was had by both teams.

Year 3/4 Trip to the Wildlife Conservation Park

3 July 2015

On Friday 3rd July, Years 3 and 4 went to visit the Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park. It was a very sunny day, and the children made the most of the weather whilst visiting a range of animals.

Children were pleased to see and learn about the animals that included monkeys, lemurs, reptiles and invertebrates, as well as exploring the habitats of the red panda and meerkats.

During the taught session, children were given the opportunity to explore a variety of skeletons and exoskeletons of different animals including a tarantula and a piranha. The crane birds and capuchin monkeys caught the attention of most in Year 3 and 4, as they chose to sketch these animals later in the day.

A great day was had by children and staff alike. Thank you to those parents that joined us for such a lovely day!

Sustainable Schools Award

3 July 2015

Receiving our Sustainable School Award.

On Friday 3rd July we had the privilege of taking our Head Girl and Boy to accept our Sustainable School Award certificate from the Lord Mayor of Birmingham.

It was a great occasion to celebrate how committed we are at New Hall to ensuring that future generations enjoy a clean, safe Earth to live on.

At New Hall we already do many things to ensure that we a conscious about the environment, like recycling, energy saving bulbs and an Eco boiler. The award acknowledged the good work that we do.

Bronze Ambassadors

2 July 2015

Luke and Laura in Year 5 have been Bronze Ambassadors this year. They have encouraged the pupils of New Hall to take part in sport and make healthy choices. They have also led their ‘sports crew’ to teach children new playground games.

Luke went to Sutton Girls’ School on Thursday 2nd July to give a presentation to teachers, parents and children about what the Bronze Ambassadors have achieved at New Hall. He spoke with confidence and made us very proud. Both Ambassadors received certificates, pin badges, hats and star trophies.

Well done Laura and Luke.

Big Night In

26 June 2015

Sitting round the campfire.

Following the success of last year’s Big Night In, Year 6 had a fun packed evening of entertainment on Friday 26th June.

Year 6 whiled away a memorable evening of swimming, cup cake decorating, pizza making, game playing, quizzing, disco dancing and campfire singing before bedding down for the night at school with a film.

A local resident kindly brought a wild hedgehog and introduced us to our shy, prickly neighbours who only come out when we’re all usually home from school - which was a fascinating experience for us all.

None of this would have been possible for Year 6 if it hadn’t been for the generous time and expertise of many New Hall staff – thanks to them Year 6, once again, had a truly fantastic evening to remember.

A Trip to Shree Ram Mandir Temple

10 June 2015

The Shree Ram Mandir Temple.

On Wednesday 10th June, Team Hall and Team Palmer went on an RE trip to the Shree Ram Mandir Hindu Temple in Birmingham.

We all had a fascinating time meeting the Hindu priest in charge of the Mandir who welcomed us and talked to us about Hinduism and his temple. All of us present, had our eyes and minds opened to one of the many faiths that make up our wider Birmingham community.

Well done to all the children who demonstrated respect and asked some thoughtful questions. Thank you also to Theresa Hyde, our School Curriculum Governor, for her support on the trip, which helped contribute to its success.

School Council Visit the Council House

18 May 2015

On Monday 18th May, the School Council enjoyed a tour around Birmingham’s Council House in Victoria Square.

Our tour guide was brimming with information about the history of this magnificent building – we couldn’t believe how tall the doors were or the old fashioned lift that was built for King Edward VII! Acting as city councillors, we sat in the chambers, pretended to vote and sat in the Lord Mayor’s chair! Finally, we bumped into Lord Mayor Shafique Shah on his last day in office, who showed us around his grand office and gave us all a badge to keep.

Many of the councillors are now planning how they can move from school council, to city council and then grow up to be the Lord Mayor of Birmingham.

A Trip to the Buddhist Centre

29 April 2015

At the Buddhist Centre.

On Wednesday 29th April, Years 3 and 4 went to visit the Kadampa Meditation Centre in Erdington.

Whilst there, we participated in meditation, and learnt the important aspects of the Buddhist faith. Team Toomer, Qayyum and Huxley were also given the opportunity to discuss the various offerings that Buddhists make, and were invited to learn about the different Buddhas and what each of them represent. The visit ended with children having the opportunity to offer a sweet or a flower for the Buddhas, and say a prayer for a loved one.

Children and staff thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and it has encouraged all those that attended to develop their awareness of another religion, and to gain a new cultural experience. Year 3/4 would like to thank parents that also attended.

Year 5/6 Helping Hands Workshop

25 March 2015

On Wednesday 25th March, Years 4, 5 and 6 were given an extra PSHE lesson in ‘Helping Hands’. The sensitive theatre in education programme looked at ‘what makes a good or bad relationship?’

This well researched and carefully structured programme helped children’s understanding of bullying and control before gently introducing the concept of domestic abuse. The actors, Rupee and Lily were fantastic in getting across the advice of where to go if you needed help.

Children understood that ‘bullying’ could be categorised by using S.T.O.P. (Several Times, On Purpose). The ‘Helping Hands’ showed the five places to get help: Telling parents, teachers or friends; phoning Childline on 0800 1111; Calling the Police on the non-emergency number 101; visiting and for mums and dads: Parentline, Women’s Aid and RESPECT.

One Y5 pupil said the drama was a good way to learn 'because maybe other children might have had this happen to them and it might give them advice and tips'.

The Big Pedal

17 to 19 March 2015

The Big Pedal is the UK’s largest inter-school cycling and scooting challenge that inspired New Hall pupils, staff and parents to choose two wheels for their journey to school.

Powered by Sustrans and funded by the Bike Hub, the 2015 competition ran from 17 to 19 March 2015. On each day of the challenge New Hall competed to see who could record the greatest number of pupils, staff and parents cycling or scooting to school. Prizes were given out each day for children who came to school on their bike or scooter.

Mrs. Toomer organised the event and was helped by Year 3 pupil, Alfie.

Science Day

18 March 2015

Science day activities.

In the Spring Term, the whole school enjoyed taking part in Science day on 18th March.

All children had the opportunity to learn about various Science topics through practical activities.

Music, Laughter and Red Noses

13 March 2015

Red Nose Day.

Ecstatic pupils at New Hall Primary and Children’s Centre celebrated in style as they raised cash for Red Nose Day on Friday 13th March 2015.

The charity event saw children arriving at school wearing something red and making their ‘faces funny for money’! One Year 5 boy came donned in a floating red ball gown!

Fans of urban R&B pop were treated to an exciting rendition of ‘Nothing Will Change’ the latest single from internet sensation Tee Bello. Tee, 27 has performed at a range of schools nationally giving insight into the music business. Aspiring singers and dancers at New Hall saw how tough the breaks are in show business, when organiser, Mrs. Talliss held a Q and A session.

KS1 Visit the Studio Theatre at Birmingham Library

4 March 2015

On Wednesday 4th March, Key Stage 1 visited the Studio Theatre at Birmingham library to see an interactive performance of The Giant's Footsteps.

We were launched into the problematic world of a young boy called Tom, who was in desperate need of our help in order to find enough food to feed his family. By working with the actors and becoming 'storymakers,' we shaped the story and some of us were brave enough to onto the stage to talk to Tom directly!

It was a fantastic experience and we even were able to write our own ending to help Tom solve his moral dilemma.

Investors in People

2 March 2015

This year we worked towards gaining our Investors in People Standard.

Investors in People sets out a clear structure and benchmark for improvement, to help every team be the very best they can be. New Hall Primary and CC strives to raise standards for children and staff. Our conscientious, hard-working staff deliver a good and outstanding provision at New Hall; from day to day teaching; pastoral care and nurturing; to creating a warm, friendly and safe environment in which to learn and grow.

To celebrate this, we were assessed on Monday 2nd March 2015 and were successful in getting our standard – well done to all staff!

Bhangra Workshop

13 February 2015

Enjoying the Bhangra Workshop.

At the end of Spring 1 the children in Nursery, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 enjoyed Bhangra Workshops.

Vijay Mehay from a local Bhangra group came with his Indian drum and each class learnt a simple routine.

The children and adults thoroughly enjoyed this experience.

Safer Internet Day

10 February 2015

Safer Internet Day display.

The message for this year’s Safer Internet Day is ‘creating a better internet together’ and on Tuesday 10th February, each class held a one hour lesson on internet safety.

A workshop for parents of Year 5/6 pupils was also held at the end of the day where parents learned about how to keep their children safe online.

Ask children in KS1 about the choice wheel they made, speak to Year 3/4 about their drama lesson and find out from Year 5/6 about their recipes for a better internet. EYFS and KS1 also read the story of Digiduck

Year 6 Residential to Whitemoor Lakes

4 to 6 February 2015

Flying high.

In February 2015, Year 6 enjoyed their residential trip to Whitemoor Lakes.

They had the opportunity to take part in may activities including: fencing, high ropes challenge, obstacle courses, zip wires and team building activities.

This was a wonderful experience that the children will never forget!

Cooking Club

January/February 2015

Pupils enjoying Cooking Club.

Over the last five weeks a group of Year 5 and 6 children have enjoyed attending cooking club every Tuesday.

They have enjoyed cooking several savoury and sweet foods such as pizza and pancakes! The children have also learnt different skills such as chopping, cutting and grating.

Look out for another cooking club starting in the summer term.

Science Demonstration

13 January 2015

Fascinating science experiments.

As part of our Science Enrichment program, a lucky group of Year 5 children were chosen to take part in a Science demonstration at Arthur Terry School.

Great Fire of London

5 December 2014

London burns!

In December 2014 as part of the topic ‘Disaster’, Year 5 and 6 children studied The Great Fire of London.

Children designed their own fantastic Stuart houses and finished the topic off by re-creating the actual fire on the school playground.

Anti-Bullying Week

17 to 21 November 2014

Stand up and speak out. Spot it and stop it. Take a stand, lend a hand.

National Anti-Bullying Week, saw all pupils joining together to take a stand against bullying. Classes worked together to define bullying behaviour and explore how it affects victims, bystanders and the bullies themselves.

Look at some of the posters we created on
Look on Twitter to see Team Wood united against bullying #AntiBullyingWeek

Artsmark Award

October 2014

We are pleased to have been awarded the Artsmark in October 2014 for our commitment to, and excellence in, arts and cultural education.

Artsmark is Arts Council England’s flagship programme which enables schools and other organisations to evaluate, strengthen and celebrate their arts and cultural provision.

The Artsmark reflects our passion and dedication of staff to deliver creative learning through art, music, dance and drama which inspires our pupils to achieve their best.

Reception Class Assembly

May 2014

Creating props for Reception's Assembly.

Team Barham and Team Preston were very confident when performing ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ on the stage.

The children were able to keep the beat going through the whole story and used instruments for the different places they visited.

They created art work to put on the boards as props for their assembly.

Creative Lessons in Lower Key Stage 2

May 2014

Learning about teeth and healthy eating.

Pupils used drama to help them understand how to keep their teeth healthy. They worked in pairs, with one dentist and one patient, to assess each other’s teeth.

Key vocabulary such as molars, brushing, incisors and plaque was used to support their Science learning and to charactise a convincing dentist.

Other lessons have included the creation of dance routine to support understanding of changing state.

Team Wood Class Assembly

27 March 2014

Roar! Dinosaurs love Underpants don't you know! Team Wood shared one of our favourite stories sandwiched between dinosaur poems, songs, facts and art work in our class assembly today. Did you hear all of our words? We have worked really hard on our performance voices. And of course, don't forget our painted underpants! Hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed sharing it with you.

Year 5 Inspire Workshop

25 February 2014

Parents of Year 5 children faced a tough challenge at our Inspire Workshop on Tuesday 25th February.

They joined in with a Guided Reading session, answering questions and sharing ideas about the poem Troglodytic Owner-Occupier. Parents also learned the ‘five-finger rule’, helped their children in playing reading games on the BBC website and found out some top tips on how to support their children with their reading at home.

Nursery Chatterbox Challenge

14 February 2014

A performance for parents.

Nursery children worked hard all week learning new songs through different activities.

On Friday 14th February we invited parents and carers to be the audience. The children performed their songs complete with actions and props.

Thank you to all the parents who came to support us. We raised £28.00 for the ICAN communication charity.

Well done!

Celebrating Chinese New Year

31 January 2014

Using chopsticks to enjoy our Chinese meal.

Children in the Nursery class celebrated Chinese New Year with their own restaurant in Nursery.

Throughout the week they had written shopping lists, counted money, painted Chinese characters and made Chinese lanterns.

They enjoyed noodles, rice, sweet and sour sauce and prawn crackers and even tried using chopsticks!

Enterprise Fair

6 December 2013

On Friday 6th December 2013 New Hall Primary and Children’s Centre held their annual Enterprise Fair. This year, every Numeracy Group had to come up with an exciting Christmas gift idea to make, sell and try to make a profit from. They could then decide how to spend their profits on their group.

Altogether the children managed to raise a respectable £313.55, which will be spent on games for most groups and ice-cream and candy-floss for KS1’s Seaside Day!

As a school we would like to say a huge thank you to all the people who came and spent money supporting our children’s enterprising efforts. The children learnt and practised a lot of different Maths skills while planning, creating and selling their gifts.

Year 3 and 4 Visit Cadbury World

5 December 2013

Dressing up at Cadbury World.

We learnt all about the Village of Bourneville in the 1800’s and the history of how the factory started out producing chocolate.

We also heard about how children were used as workers to help with this and even tried on some outfits of what different children would have worn

We then had a tour around the factory and found out how chocolate is made - what a fun-packed day!

Seven Wonders of New Hall

28 November 2013

Work on the Wonders of the World.

Team Palmer performed a class assembly on their theme; the Seven Wonders of the World.

We shared facts we had learned about the ancient, modern and natural wonders as well as debated the Seven Wonders of New Hall.

We also performed a Japanese Tanka with actions. We found this poem especially inspiring:

I think the Seven Wonders of the World are: To See, To Hear, To Touch, To Taste, To Feel, To Laugh and To Love.

The things we overlook as simple and ordinary and that we take for granted are truly wondrous!

A gentle reminder that the most precious things in life cannot be built by hand or bought by man.

Numeracy Learning Journey

25 to 29 November 2013

Numeracy Learning Journey.

What a fun week of learning we had!

Team Malanaphy, Team Trevelyan and Team Qayyum received a letter from Cadbury World asking for help to design a new chocolate box.

The teams quickly got to work, researching existing products, creating surveys, representing the data and analysing the results. The children used their research to design and make exciting chocolate boxes, which they sold for a very healthy profit.

Team Spiers Healthy Eating Assembly

21 November 2013

Work on Healthy Eating.

Team Spiers class assembly was about healthy eating.

We linked literacy and science work together and told the school all that we had learnt. We explained about the properties different fruits have, and why it is important to eat them. We also learnt some poems about our favourite fruits and resisted them.

Lots of our parents came to see us and said how well we had done.

Singing Playgrounds

November 2013

Singing Playground leaaders.

Some of our Singing Playgrounds song leaders trying out some singing games from a recent song leader training day with other Sutton schools.

Our favourite game was ‘Jump Jim Joe’!

Year 6 Anti-Bullying Assembly

7 November 2013

Anti-Bullying Assembly display.

On Thursday 7th November 2013, Year 6 presented their thought provoking assembly on Bullying. All of Year 6, ‘made a stand and wore a band’ to raise awareness of National Anti-Bullying Week, which was held from the 18th to 22nd November.

Through drama, poetry and posters Year 6 clearly explained the four main types of bullying that children can face today. They are; cyber, emotional, physical and verbal bullying. Although the assembly was not ‘laugh out loud’ funny it seemed to effectively get the anti-bullying message over to the majority of children, and also armed them with the knowledge of what to do if they should ever find themselves being bullied.

Year 6 felt it was really important to push the message that all bullying is wrong , should not be put up with and that New Hall works hard to be a bully free zone.

Thank you to those adults who were able to support their child’s performance.

During the week, every pupil in the school received a Beat Bullying wristband and wore their blue bands together to make a united stand against bullying.

Numeracy Bake Off

24 October 2013

Baking in Year 5.

Mrs Palmer’s numeracy group made tea loaf and banana bread to practice our measuring skills.

The more carefully we read the recipe and the more accurately we weighed the ingredients, the better the finished products tasted!

Year 3 and 4 Trip to Birmingham City Centre and Library

23 October 2013

At the bull in Birmingham's Bull Ring.

Years 3 and 4 studied Birmingham as their theme in the Autumn Term.

They went on a trip to Birmingham to see the city buildings, including the BT Tower, Rotunda, St Martin’s Church, Victoria Square and of course, the Bull at the Bullring.

Children thoroughly enjoyed seeing the buildings up close and their tour was concluded with an exciting opportunity to go into Birmingham’s brand new library. Climbing up nine flights of stairs to get to the rooftop terrace was worth it when pupils were wowed by the skyline. They enjoyed eating their lunch in the children’s section surrounded by hundreds of fascinating books.

A good time was had by all!

Spring Term in Key Stage 2

April 2013

Year 6 have enjoyed an exciting residential stay at Whitemoor Lakes Activity Centre near Alrewas Arboretum. They were given the opportunity to have a go at some physically challenging activities, but they managed to overcome their fears and quite a few pupils really surprised themselves by what they could do. Team Roberts are now gearing up for their SATs tests in May and will be working very hard to get themselves ready to do their very best.

Team Spiers spent a memorable day at the West Midlands Fire Service, Safeside Centre, a purpose built indoor urban village, offering interactive learning opportunities in safety, citizenship, sustainability and life skills. The children were shown around the complex by specially trained members of the Safeside team, who talked to them about the dangers presented by each ‘station’. The children were encouraged to interact with each situation, whether by watching a video, moving unsafe objects out of harm’s way or explaining what action should be taken.

Years 3 and 4 have been getting involved in their topic on the ‘Incredible Egyptians’ through literacy, art and history. The children have learnt to write their names in hieroglyphics, sketched famous pharaohs and even used their ‘Talk for Writing’ skills to learn and perform a ‘Horrible Histories’ text.

As part of Safer Internet Day, we discussed our rights and responsibilities online. We wrote rules that children should follow when using the internet.

The whole school also had a visit from Vincent Van Gogh who told us about his life story and encouraged the children (and staff) to experiment with new art skills. Each class took a different painting as inspiration and created their own interpretations.

SMSC and House Charities

March 2013

The School Council have been very busy working on their recent project to redesign our current house point system. They decided that in addition to pupils benefiting from competing to win the weekly house point trophy, each house should have a nominated charity.

Each term, the house that has won the most house points will decide on a fundraising event to hold in school. All the money raised will be then donated to their house charity.

The School Council consulted pupils, parents and staff for suggestions of charities that are important to them. They have now excitedly announced each house’s chosen charity in a special assembly:

  • Bracebridge – The Dogs Trust
  • Longmoor – NSPCC
  • Powell – John Taylor Hospice
  • Wyndley – Help Harry Help Others

We are now looking forward to the first fundraising event before Easter.

Valentine's Disco

14 February 2013

Thank you to all who attended the Valentine's Disco. It was a great success!

We took £234 on the door, which is fantastic. We also made £83 selling sweets at the Key Stage 2 Disco. After costs we made a profit of £167.

I'm sure the lower cost of this disco appealed to more of you and this showed in attendance. So thank you, once again, for your support. An evening enjoyed by all who attended.

If you have any comments or suggestions about further events please do not hesitate to contact the PTFA at

Tina West

Safer Internet Day

5 February 2013

Children across the school, along with their teachers, celebrated the European Safer Internet Day (SID).

Children discussed and joined in with activities about being safe on the internet. KS2 children focused on being respectful and being respected whilst using the internet.

A parent workshop was held with the Year 5 and Year 6 pupils, where they explored the idea of young people becoming digitally responsible citizens.

Social Networking and keeping personal information safe was the message children learnt about. You can watch the presentation here on our website. We also have a number of leaflets in reception showing you how to switch on the ‘Parent Controls’ on X-Boxes, Blackberry Mobile phones, YouTube and Google.

To learn more information about keeping your child safe on the internet then please visit our links page or the Safer Internet website.

Bike It!

8 May 2012

Bike MOT Day.

New Hall had its first Bike It! event on Tuesday 8th May 2012.

Children, parents and staff were encouraged to bring their bikes into school for a free bike check. We had over 30 bikes take part and we got to use our new Cycle and Scooter Park situated at the back of the school.

Children in Years 3 and 4 will have the opportunity to develop their cycle skills on the morning of Friday 22nd June 2012. In the afternoon, children in Years 1 and 2 will get to ‘ditch the stabilisers’ in a bike session organised by Rachel Vann from Sustran. Happy cycling!

Explore Learning Writing Competition

April 2012

Explore Learning

Children have been given an opportunity to win a trip to Disneyland Paris and £500 of books for our school.

Tutors from Explore Learning, Wylde Green, joined us for assembly and introduced the competition with a variety of activities.

Budding young authors have been asked to enter a short story in the Explore Learning National Young Writers' Award for a chance to win! Anyone aged 14 and under can enter a short story with a maximum word count of 500 words. The theme of the competition this year is ‘old and new’ and all stories should be loosely based on this topic. Entries to be handed to Miss Davis by Friday June 1st.

Show Racism the Red Card

March 2012

Show Racism the Red Card

New Hall Key Stage 1 and 2 children have had the opportunity to take part in the Show Racism the Red Card project promoting anti-racism in football.

Children entered the competition with either a creative writing piece or a piece of creative artwork.

If you would like to learn more please visit

Reading Miles Global Challenge Passport

March 2012

Reading Miles Passport

The Reading Miles passport is a way for pupils to record the amount that they are reading and track their progress through the Reading Miles Global Challenge.

10 minutes of reading is the equivalent of 500 reading miles, and every time a pupil reads for a 10 minute block they colour in one circle. When they have coloured in all the circles (and travelled around the world!) they collect a brand new book from Miss Davis, our Literacy Leader.

Autumn Term Charity Donations

November 2011

Jeans for Genes and Pudsey Bear

Children have kindly donated monies to two main charities this year - Children in Need and Jeans for Genes.

Thank you to all the families that have supported these worthy causes.

Anti-Bullying Week

14 to 18 November 2011

Anti-Bullying Week

Anti-bullying week was celebrated at New Hall in November.

We were visited by our local Police Community Support Officers who shared an assembly with us.

Woodland Trust Green Tree Award

September 2011

Woodland Trust

New Hall was awarded the Bronze Green Tree Award by the Woodland Trust and we were lucky to have thirty trees donated to the grounds.

Children in Key Stage 1 had the lovely experience of planting the saplings.