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Newsletter - June 2020

Message from Mrs Hanks

A special message from all the staff to their teams is included in this newsletter as we get closer to the end of the school year.

We have also included some ‘Lockdown Starburst’ children who have really impressed their teachers and all of our Twitter followers with their home learning. Well done!

It has been a year like no other in living memory and we are all looking forward to perhaps returning to some sort of ‘normal’ in September. We await further guidance from the government and will keep you informed as and when we get it.

Shortly, annual reports will be emailed out to parents. We hope you enjoy reading them and seeing the amazing progress and achievements that your children have made. The email will also confirm the name of your child’s teacher for next year. Rest assured that when the children return staff will provide suitable transition in preparation for their new classes.

We are looking forward to welcoming Miss Edwards back to school in September after her leave of absence.

Staff Changes

We will be saying goodbye to two members of staff as we finish this year. Miss Scrivens has been teaching Year 4 at New Hall for two years now and is moving to Ireland. We wish her well and thank her.

Retirement of Mrs Jurczak

We will also be losing Mrs Jurczak, who has decided to take up the offer of a well deserved early retirement (even though she doesn’t look old enough!).

Mrs Jurczak has over 30 years of teaching experience and has been at New Hall for 19 years. During that time she has been responsible for so many aspects of the curriculum before taking up the challenge of being our Assistant Head Teacher.

Her passion for education and the commitment to the children of New Hall has been nothing short of legendary. It saddens me that she will not get the send off from the pupils that she deserves due to the restrictions currently in place. However, she is always welcome back and will not be forgotten.

I know there will be many long standing parents of past pupils who would wish to say goodbye to her and pass on their thanks, as she has always been a champion of the rights of all children.

We all wish her a long and happy retirement. Enjoy every minute, Mrs Jurczak!

Retirement of Mrs Jurczak

Just a few words from our lovely teachers to you...

Team Scrivens: I am missing you all so much but I have been really impressed with all of your hard work at home. I have seen some fantastic creative projects on Twitter, such as your reading dens, designing your own rockets and arts and crafts you have been inspired to do. A big thank you also to all of our amazing parents who have been working hard to keep Team Scrivens occupied during these uncertain times. Good luck in Year 5!

Team Dudley: I am so impressed with every member of Team Dudley, you are all fantastic! Even though I am missing you all so much, I am delighted with the amazing work that has been produced at home. I have seen some brilliant learning projects on Twitter recently such as your maths problem solving, scientific investigations and an array of creative activities. I would also like to thank all parents for your dedication and support throughout this time. You are super fantastic too!

Team Steadman: I have really missed you! You have been an absolute pleasure to teach, I have thoroughly enjoyed being your teacher this year. You are a fantastic class: kind, polite, enthusiastic and hardworking. I am very sad that we didn’t get to finish the year together but I am so glad we had two wonderful two terms with lots of fun activities and the brilliant space camp. I hope you are all well and are both doing your schoolwork and having a well-deserved rest over this strange time. Keep smiling and being amazing. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Team Collis: I hope you and your families are keeping well and safe. I just wanted to say a big well done to you all for the resilience and maturity you have shown; both to your families at home and towards your school work. It has been amazing to hear how – during these unusual times – you have kept yourselves happy and healthy with both your studies and your families. I have really enjoyed hearing from some of you on Twitter and seeing the amazing work you have been producing. I look forward to seeing you all soon Team Collis! Stay safe.

Team Durning: Well done Team Durning for your time in Year Three. Everyone worked very hard and it was a pleasure to teach you all. We had the best year, learning about how to use the column method in Maths and creating our own stories in English. We also had a fantastic trip to the Botanical Gardens in the Autumn term, for Science. I wish all of you the best of luck in Year Four!

Team White: Congratulations on such a fantastic year, Team White! It has been a real privilege to teach you all and see you flourish and grow in confidence. We have had the best year together, with lots of fun trips, activities and learning, and you have impressed me recently with your positive attitudes at home too. I wish you luck for next year and I hope to see you all soon!

Team Wood: I have missed you lots during lockdown, but hearing all about your home learning and the special times that you have been having with your family has really made me smile. Thank you for such an amazing year with lots of hard work and fun memories. I have loved teaching you and I am so proud of you all. Enjoy your summer holiday and stay safe.

Team Rainbird: Well done to the pupils in Team Rainbird for working very hard throughout this unusual time. I hope you have enjoyed showing your adults all of the wonderful things you have already learnt in Year One. I have been really impressed with your attitude towards learning at home and improving your Maths and letter formation. Well done to everyone who has been logging onto Bug Club and Numbots regularly. I have noticed all of your hard work! I would like to say a massive thank you to all the parents and families who have been encouraging the children to work at home! Children, I miss you so much and hope to see you all soon!

Team Lynch: What a super time we had this year! Thank you all for working hard. It has been a pleasure to get to know and teach you all! I will miss your kindness, critical thinking, your willingness to try, your thoughtful questions, your de-sire to be the best you can be and your curious minds! I can't wait to see what you will all achieve next as you move to Year Three! Keep reaching for the stars!

Team Degville: I just wanted to say a HUGE well done for continuing your learning at home during these strange times! Thank you parents for stepping into my shoes during this time, not long now until the summer holidays, where you can all have a very well-deserved break! Stay safe and see you all soon.

Reception: I just wanted to tell you all how proud I am of you for carrying on with the home school learning in these strange times! I know it must be really tricky to stay motivated after so many weeks at home. I have loved seeing your photos on Twitter and I really look forward to phoning you and speaking to you and your parents! Keep up the good work Team Carpenter! I miss you all so much! Keep tweeting me, I love to see your smiley faces! Take care and stay safe!

Team Thomas: I hope you are all keeping well and still being super good for your parents. I have loved speaking to you throughout lockdown and hearing all you have been getting up to. I have to thank your fantastic parents for all the support they have given you throughout Lockdown and the effort they have put in to keep you motived with your work. I wasn’t expecting year 6 to turn out like this and I know there are many things that we have all missed out on because of Covid 19. What does remain is that you all made so much progress this year. Amazing mathematicians who are confident and can problem solve, readers who will submerge themselves in the world of Kensuke and Skellig with me and not forgetting the scientists, artists, gymnasts and dancers who have shared all their talents this year. All your new schools will be lucky to have each and every one of you. Keep working hard and shining bright like the stars you all are.

Team Roberts: What a year we have had! Year 6 is always an unforgettable year but 2019-2020 will be truly memorable thanks to Covid-19. It is important to remember how well you were doing and the improvements that you’d made. Mrs Thomas and I were really pleased with your progress and looking forward to your successful SATs results and all the fun of the Summer Term! Although that didn’t go as we had planned, I do want you to know how incredibly proud I am of you all. Having known most of you since Year 4, it has been a pleasure to see how you’ve grown and matured. It is down to your strength of character and the support of your parents and carers that, in this most challenging of times, you have stayed motivated and I know will be able to move forward successfully into the next phase of your life. This year will go down in history, please try to make sure all we have experienced becomes a positive in your lives and something that will make you stronger when dealing with life’s ups and downs. I hope you will all look back on your time at New Hall as being special and that you’ll have lots of happy memories – we will remember you!

Home Learning Star Burst

It has being amazing to see so many children continuing to work hard at home. To acknowledge this we we would like to give a Star Burst to...

Reception - Lily: Mum has told me that you were doing lots of work at first and then you found it a little tricky to stay on task but you are now back to having a go and completing ac-tivities! Well done! I am really proud of you!

Team Degville - Lawson: For his continued positive attitude towards his learning whilst being at home, thank you for all of the photos you and Mum have tweeted! Well done!

Team Rainbird - Melody: During lock-down, Melody has worked hard continuously and was able to articulate skills she had been focusing on. She regularly read, wrote and worked on her Maths skills. Her hard work at home has paid off as when coming back into school, I could see a fantastic improvement with her handwriting, understanding and conscientious attitude towards her work. She has been a bright beam of happiness in our classroom which cheers everybody up! So I would just like to thank her and her family for working so hard which has built on the prior learning and attitude. Thank you and well done Melody!

Team Wood - Connor: For working so hard during lockdown. It’s so lovely to see all your achievements on Twitter.

Team Lynch - Frankie: For working hard, being extremely enthusiastic throughout home learning and understanding the concept of money! You have been so determined to understand the value of money! Well done!

Team Durning - Bruce: For fantastic photographs on Twitter of the outdoors.

Team White - Sophie: For the amazing home learning that she has been completing and the fascinating projects her and her family have completed together.

Team Dudley - Aden: He has worked excellently and consistently throughout lock down and has shared his brilliant work on Twitter. During our phone conversations, he enthusiastically informs me of the work he has been doing and he should be really proud of himself. Well done Aden.

Team Scrivens - Theo: He has done so much work at home and has discovered a new enthusiasm for learning! I am particularly impressed with his Jungle reading area!

Team Steadman - Ryan: For always being so thoughtful, well-mannered and working hard, even at home. Well done Ryan.

Team Collis - Lillie: It’s been wonderful to see the number of different projects that you’ve been completing at home!

Team Roberts - Kieran: For being such a pleasure to speak to on the phone. Kieran always has an enthusiastic chat telling me what work and fun he and his sister have been getting up to. He also put in some good scores on TT Rockstars helping Team Roberts win nearly every Battle of the Bands!

Team Thomas - Lily: I have enjoyed speaking to you on the phone about her story writing and all the work she has been doing. Well done Lily!

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