Home Learning (Covid-19 Response)

We have taken the decision to provide Learning Projects for pupils following the enforced closure of our school.

We are aware of the knock on impact of this to our families and therefore the packs are produced to support your pupils’ education whilst not at school.

Why have Learning Projects been created?

Learning Projects have been created because the school has had to shut following advice from the Department for Education. In creating the Learning Projects, we fully acknowledge that they cannot replace the quality of learning your child receives at school however, our complete focus has been on creating a set of projects that all children can access to maximise their learning whilst at home.

What are the aims of the Learning Projects?

  • To create age specific learning opportunities for primary school children.
  • To create a resource for parents that is easy to access and use - the focus is on parents being able to help deliver the content or children accessing it independently.
  • Key learning is linked to the National Curriculum.
  • To enable children to continue with their learning at home during an enforced shutdown.
  • To enable families to focus on a joint topic and theme to promote family wide learning.
  • To provide structure and focus to each day that an enforced shutdown occurs.
  • To centralise online learning resources and links into an easy to manage format for families.

How do I use the Learning Projects?

As a parent your first step is for you to read through the information you have been sent. You have been sent enough work for one week. More work will be sent out via email and updated on the school website on a weekly basis if the enforced closure continues. The aim is for you to complete a minimum of two hours of learning a day with your child but this is very much your parental choice and you may wish for your child to do more.

What happens if my child finds the learning too difficult?

The Learning Projects which have been designed are based on the National Curriculum expectations for the year group which your child is in, however ALL children find elements of learning challenging at times, so try not to worry if your child becomes stuck and you cannot explain it to them. If this happens then make a note of what they found hard and move onto another learning activity - the school will cover any misconceptions when we return.

Daily activities for pupils

It is important to keep children active and involved on a daily basis to keep their minds and bodies healthy. To support this below are two daily activities your child can try:

  • PE with Joe: YouTube - daily workouts for kids
  • White Rose Maths - the team will be online every weekday from Monday 23 March, between 10.00 and 11.00am to share children’s questions, examples and stories via any of our social media channels.

Well-being and safeguarding

As your child may be accessing lots of their home learning online, please make sure you continue to monitor their usage and ensure all parental controls are set up on all devices. See more on Online Safety.

Today we have today reminded our pupils about staying safe whilst not at school and how they can seek help if they need it. This includes the Childline website.

As parents and carers you may also need support and this can be found at The Waiting Room or Local Foodbanks.

If at any time you feel a child is in immediate danger of significant harm a call should be made to CASS. 0121 3031888. If you encounter a dangerous or unsafe situation, please contact the police.

Read this message as a letter:

Learning Projects

Week 13: w/c 6 July

Week 12: w/c 29 June

Week 11: w/c 22 June

Week 10: w/c 15 June

Week 9: w/c 8 June

Week 8: w/c 1 June

Week 7: w/c 18 May

Week 6: w/c 11 May

Week 5: w/c 4 May

Week 4: w/c 27 April

Week 3: w/c 20 April

Week 2: w/c 30 March

Week 1: w/c 23 March

Online Safety Activities