Creative Curriculum

In response to pupil voice New Hall Primary School will be providing exciting opportunities for all pupils to develop their creative and social skills across the curriculum.

KS2 children will be able to participate on a Friday afternoon in a range of workshops across the year. They include: Cookery, Outdoor Learning, ICT/Lego, Singing, and Art.

KS1 children will continue to participate in the enriching Forest Schools programme which is an innovative educational approach to outdoor play and learning allowing relationships based around trust and self-exploration to develop.

Themes - 2019/20

Year Group Autumn Spring Summer
EYFS Who am I? What does my world look like? What is a story?
1 Where are castles in The United Kingdom? Why are poles so important? How has flight changed throughout history?
2 What was Great about the Great Fire of London? What is it like to live in India? What was life like during
3 What was it like to live in Ancient Egypt? Is transport important? What impact did the Stone Age period have on our lives today?
4 How have different countries made use of their environment?
(Ancient Greek Day)
Does the punishment always fit the crime? How and why has my local environment changed?
5 Has Britain ever been invaded? Why are walls built? Maya and why do we know so little about them?
6 What was the impact of WWI? What changes has our world seen? Were there further disasters after 1666?