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Welcome to New Hall Primary School. We hope you enjoy getting to know lots about us and all that we have to offer.

We are always striving to make everything that we do even better, and therefore welcome positive suggestions or comments. Please contact us to let us know what you think, or feel free to come and visit us.

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  • 06 Nov 19: Ongoing Job Vacancy for a Lunchtime Supervisor.
  • 06 Nov 19: Updated Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy.
  • 23 Oct 19: Volunteer Policy.
  • 23 Oct 19: Publication Scheme on our Policies page.
  • 23 Oct 19: This year's Prefect names on our Pupil Voice page.
  • 23 Oct 19: Drawings of Miss Dudley and Miss White on our Staff page.
  • 18 Oct 19: October's school newsletter and diary dates.
  • 18 Oct 19: 2019/20's Information Booklets for each year group on our Curriculum page.
  • 18 Oct 19: Updated SEN and Inclusion Policy.
  • 18 Oct 19: This year's School Council names on our Pupil Voice page.
  • 18 Oct 19: An updated Introduction to our school.
  • 11 Oct 19: Job Vacancy for a Lunchtime Supervisor (deadline since passed).
  • 11 Oct 19: Introductions from this year's Head Boy and Girl.
  • 11 Oct 19: Our list of School Priorities for 2019/20.
  • 11 Oct 19: 2019/20's table of Creative Curriculum Themes.
  • 11 Oct 19: Some updated school Policy documents.
  • 06 Oct 19: The names of this year's Peer Mediators.
  • 06 Oct 19: Updated E-Safety Policy.
  • 03 Oct 19: Some updated school Policy documents.
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