Computing Projects

In most subjects taught in school, pupils get feedback on how well they have done through teachers’ marking. In Computing, often children undertake projects which they build on week by week on the computers and some children at New Hall have commented that they don’t feel that their work is celebrated enough in this subject.

So, once every term, each class will get to showcase their work through our website.

Have a look at what we’ve been doing this term and keep checking the website to see if your work has been published.

Summer 2015

Team Davis, Team Wood and Team Tallis

Teams Davis, Wood and Talliss made greeting cards using Microsoft Publisher.

Team Qayyum and Team Huxley

Teams Qayyum and Huxley used Scratch to make maths games. Remember: Scratch is free to download at home!

Team Qayyum.
Team Huxley.

Team Toomer

Children in Team Toomer worked in pairs to create surveys about their hobbies and interests. Look at this one created by Mahder and Morgan about football using a range of question styles.

Team Toomer.

Team Hall and Team Palmer

Years 5 and 6 used Inkscape to make tessellating patterns. Which shapes can you spot in Luke’s design?

Spring 2015

Team Davis and Team Tallis

Team Davis used a search engine to look for a selection of photographs. They copied the pictures from the Internet and pasted them into a PowerPoint page.

To make the pictures overlap, Team Talliss used a command to bring each picture forward or send it back.

Team Davis (click to read pdf file).
Team Tallis.

Team Wood

In their Indian Spice topic, children in Team Wood discussed in groups what they would like to research and discover. Using these ideas, they scanned quick response (QR) codes to carry out focused research and recorded their findings.

Team Toomer, Team Qayyum and Team Huxley

In Team Toomer, our topic has been ‘We are Presenters’. Children were asked to produce an instructional video to show their audience how to perform a specific skill. We had dances, songs and fashion, but Anoushka and Tayah took a different route! Their skill was learning to read! This is a screenshot of their video that helps younger children with their reading.

Lower Key Stage 2 have also been making their own websites about Ancient Egypt. They had to write the code in HyperText Markup Language (HTML). Here are some examples from Team Qayyum and Team Huxley.

Team Toomer.
Team Qayyum.

Team Huxley.
Team Huxley.

Team Hall and Team Palmer

The topic in Years 5 and 6 has been ‘Out of this World’. Team Hall and Team Palmer researched rockets and the International Space Station (ISS) then used SketchUp to design the interior of their own rockets.

Teams Hall and Palmer.
Teams Hall and Palmer.

Teams Hall and Palmer.

Autumn 2014

Team Davis, Team Wood and Team Trevelyan

Children in Key Stage 1 created photography portfolios. They searched online galleries to evaluate the quality of photos on their nature theme and then explored tools on iPads and digital cameras to take the perfect shot. They then edited the photos in Picasa to create these beautiful montages.

Team Davis.
Team Wood.

Team Qayyum, Team Toomer and Team Huxley

Year 3 and Year 4 have used Scratch to program animations using their own characters. This software is free to download so have a go at home!

Team Qayyum.
Team Toomer.
Team Huxley.

Team Hall

Mea and Lucy have reflected on their learning about bullying in PSHE. They created a PowerPoint presentation to teach the rest of Team Hall and test them on their understanding.

Team Hall (click to read pdf file).

Team Palmer

Throughout the term, pupils in Team Palmer have been contributing to a blog. Please visit to read our work and to post your comments about what you think and how we could improve. Keep checking the blog as we’ll be adding more and more work through the year.